Part 3: Create Impact Using Innovation and Agility


Embrace innovation and agility

The most effective solutions for sustainability have probably not been seen yet – they must be developed – fast. This requires project managers to embrace innovation and agility to produce the needed impact.


Innovation is key. As project managers it is important to frame the project approach to include innovation because

  • Solving complex problems. Sustainability challenges, such as climate change, resource scarcity and environmental pollution, are complex and require innovative solutions.
  • Efficient use of resources. Sustainability is about ensuring that we meet our needs while protecting and conserving the environment and resources for future generations. Innovation can help develop and implement more efficient and resource-saving technologies and processes.
  • Promotion of a green economy. By developing and implementing green technologies and solutions, new markets and job opportunities can emerge.
  • Adaptation to future challenges. By being open to new ideas and approaches, we can be better equipped to face future challenges and ensure a sustainable future.

Partnering with those who might contribute new experiences, even if they are competitors, may therefore be crucial to fostering the necessary innovation to creating a more viable and sustainable future. Think about that!


Agility is central. In a conventional project, you aim to reach the goals and targets set up in the business case. In other words, generally achieve the maximum amount of profit with the minimum amount of expenditure.

Today we need to look further than exclusively profit driven thinking in projects.

The 5P model (fig.1) here illustrates how the value definition is broadened from Prosperity to also include People (e.g., diversity and inclusion), Planet (e.g., CO2 and biodiversity), Partnership and Peace. Furthermore, project closure is no longer the end. Beyond that horizon you must also consider recycling of the project deliverables. With this broader impact definition and longer time horizon, the number of sources influencing the scope of your project will rise considerably.

It is therefore key to apply an approach capable of adapting the project deliverables quickly and efficiently. Agile approaches – e.g., Scrum, SAFe® and agile projects – are all designed to do exactly that.


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Lasse Borris
Jeg er en fremtrædende skikkelse inden for både bæredygtige og agile projekter. Jeg fungerer som Sustainability Project Coach & CEO hos Plan A ApS, der også har licens til at fremme Green Project Management® i Danmark. Med mere end 20.000 timers erfaring inden for både agile og bæredygtige projekter, har jeg udviklet projektmodeller, der har fundet anvendelse i en række store virksomheder. Desuden har jeg undervist over 4000 personer og certificeret mere end 700 fagfolk inden for disse områder.