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Global Young Crew Workshop – VR Open Day 8th of november 2022

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[Global Young Crew Workshop – VR Open Day is coming soon!]

You’ve heard a lot about GYCW 2022 VR but still have questions like:
❓ How is it going to work? Will my laptop manage it?
❓ What will happen inside? How all those interactions really look like?
❓ What is the program of that event finally?

We’re inviting you to meet at «GYCW VR test-drive» that will happen at 8th of November at 3 p.m. UTC

We will:
👉 Play networking game;
👉 Present the program;
👉 Answer all your questions.

Use this link HERE and register to get all necessary instructions on software and connection.

Mia Harrishøj

Styrk dit netværk

Bliv en del af et stærkt netværk, der tør videndele og udveksle erfaringer for at løfte ledelse af projekter.

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